Shoot real-life spherical video for VR or live-stream it over Wi-Fi

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All our products are suitable for shooting 360 degree video without blind spots

PX3 360 Video Camera

PX3 is the new affordable 360-degree video camera. Created for professional Virtual Reality and video studios, PX3 captures all 360°x180° 

(full sphere, no blind spots) in a 3000x1500px resolution. It can also LIVE-STREAM spherical video for watching the broadcast on VR headsets, computers or mobile devices.

PTRig 360 Video System

PTRig is a holder and an optical system for just 3 GoPro Hero4 cameras. It is created as an affordable solution enabling passionate professionals to shoot spherical video in 

a resolution of up to 5800x2850 px and in 

any conditions.

Our Team

We are a team of hardware and software engineers based in New York and Moscow. We launched Panorics in 2014 to offer the best and the most technologically advanced solutions for 360-degree video shooting. Based on profound scientific research, our spherical video cameras enable you to capture the most important life events in their entirety, be it for Virtual Reality or for your own use.

Named by Wired UK as one of the hottest startups in 2015, we are committed to bringing you the best and the most affordable 360 video cameras on the market.

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